Visa Assistance

Travel to the Kingdom of Bhutan is highly exquisite, in that, it opens up only to a certain number of guests the country’s limited but luxurious infrastructure can absorb. Guided by its tourism policy of “High Value, Low Volume” the sector subscribes to providing the best of services and experience for its guests visiting the country for a glimpse of its unique culture, through quick treks of its immaculate environment and life on vast meadows surrounded by snow-clad mountains.

These special highlights of the country are exactly what the policy hopes to preserve from a more tempting and lucrative mass tourism. Favored by regional trade agreements, neighboring citizens of Bangladesh, India and Maldives are allowed into the country without visa requirements.

Passports or any acceptable documents legitimizing their nationality is all they need to produce. However, visitors from these countries have to organize trips to Bhutan through licensed tour operators. For the rest of the visitors from other parts of the world, visa must be obtained before entering Bhutan. They must use a licensed Bhutanese tour operator or one of their international partners to pre-arrange their visa and book a holiday.

A daily fee of USD 250 a day during peak tourist season, and USD 200 a day on usual days is charged for international tourists. The minimum daily fee is required for visa processing, it covers three-star accommodation, food, guide and chauffeured vehicle. About 35 percent of the proceeds go towards the country’s free education and healthcare for its citizens.

Visitors to the country can also avail of the free healthcare during their stay in Bhutan. Neighboring tourists driving to the country can do so through designated entry points of Phuntsholing and Samdrupjongkhar. For those flying into the country are received at the Paro international airport. Approved visas are normally given a visa clearance letter, which must be presented at the points of entry, which is then stamped on the passports